Gnome Sane?

What the hell?! What is this? A zine about gnomes?? Why would I want to read this…and why would someone go to the trouble of making it? Gnomes… Yes, anyway, this is a zine about gnomes. I’m not sure why Mr. Dyck decided to put out a zine about gnomes, but here it is. What really bothers me about Gnome Sane? is the fact that, while attesting that it is a zine for Gnome enthusiasts, in the letters section, all of the replies are either mean, sarcastic, or both. Listen to me, Mr. Dyck: if you make a zine “for enthusiasts”, you do not reply sarcastically to their letters. This is common courtesy. Well, I guess he can operate under the moniker of “punk rock”, something which has seemingly taken to mean “assholism” in these troubled times. Or maybe he’s just an asshole, I don’t know. I couldn’t really tell you, I just know that this zine is terrible and not worth the time it takes to read it. (Anthony Gerace)

Gnome Zine, #1, 12pages, 50cents, Ryan Dyck, 2864 Evergreen St., Abbotsford, BC, V2T Z5I [email protected]

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