An irreverent fun kinda lit-thingy with a nautical theme and a captain fetish. There are lists of captains – captain blackadder, captain beefheart – there are ruminations on captain related snacks – the fish stick, the square pizza from captain’s pizzeria – and even a story by Doretta Lau entitled “Captain! My Captain!” The story is okay, there’s a big party and Zoey is unhappy, but the constant captain/sea references are really annoying. Another story, Robyn Marshall’s “Heal the World” was about a girl who helps a hippy commune find itself by stealing the house’s stereo and replacing it with a variety of used musical instruments. Only one captain reference. Well, I didn’t find any great writing in this, but I enjoyed its fun sensibility. (Hal Niedzviecki)

litzine, #1, Doretta Lau, Jeremy Balden, Sarah Lebo, Robyn Marshall (editors), $4, 4649 Darwin Ave., Burnaby, BC, V5G 3E7


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