Public Works

It has a friggin index! Otherwise, I’m a bit uncomfortable with the way its producers seem to make the battle “to break the market’s grip on our lives” a fashion statement. Those who choose active resistance, for example, are called “jammers,” as in “culture-jammers,” and the page right before the index has a list of the bands jammers should/could listen to – a whole menu for a night of anti-capitalist rock and roll that includes Noam Chomsky and Fela Anikulapo Kuti lectures. Jammers never rest! “Getting arrested for the first time was like losing my virginity,” says jiggy legs. The crew at Public Works may also have been responsible for a sudden plummet in Placer Dome (a mining company) stocks, they say, and perhaps much more mayhem. Wow! How can I join the jammer’s club, and what should I wear to the parties? (Donato Mancini)

#2, 9 pages, free or $1, various, Vancouver, [email protected]


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