Stylus is a very well produced magazine and program guide for CKUW, the radio station at the University of Winnipeg. The cover is catchy, and features artwork by David Ashcroft. Throughout are interviews and reviews covering a wide variety of musical genres. The magazine gives the impression that Winnipeg is a happening place, contrary to stereotypes that may exist outside the city. Hell, they got the English Beat to come to Winnipeg! I enjoyed an interview with Montreal anarchist/musician Norman Nawrocki and another with a Winnipeg band called Ham. At the end of the magazine, there is a hilarious review of Ani Difranco’s last offering by someone named Pompous Old Fart. If you can score a copy, read it just for this review. It says what I suspect many want to say about Saint Ani. One question that did arise for me was if this is the program guide, where is the information about the non-music shows on CKUW? Overall, it’s top notch and if you are heading to Winnipeg read this mag to find out about the happening scene. (Jeffrey Mackie)

magazine, 48 pages, Deanna Radford (ed), University of Winnipeg Students Association, University of Winnipeg, 515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2E9


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