Anarchy Architecture

This environmental/ highway/ personal zine starts off with a personal rant style article about the editor’s experience at Stucco which I found alluring at times. I kept thinking I was reading a elementary school project, not because of the writing but because the zine looks so much like those notebooks we had that were either pea-green or baby blue. This zine examines highways and plants in Alberta and is really useful if you happen to be in this area and have the time to stop. Certainly worthy of most dedicated zine I’ve come across in some time. AA has a real outsider feel to it, I had the sense the editor didn’t exactly care if we cared what we were reading, which is a good thing. There’s an article on making a table. Every once in a while the editor tells us what is going on, what they’re watching on television, or “And I begin thinking about this man who lived in the last century, somewhere in Quebec, in a small shop with an open fire warming him. And I look over at the small propane heater beside me – just about big enough to warm my hands over, but no way big enough to warm the shop – and somehow I step closer to this unknown craftsman.” This is definitely not a cool zine. But definitely teems with curiosity. (Nathaniel G. Moore)

zine, E.B. Klassen, $?, Box 9, Site 1, RR#1, Legal, AB TOG 1LO, [email protected]

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