Stephen Moron Presents: Two Stories

This Moron introduces his overpriced story collection by telling us that it’s a gothic horror, a genre that influenced greats like Dickens, Poe, Shelly and Kafka. Apparently, it also influenced lesser writers. Castle of the Robots is the story of a man who had his middle finger bitten off by his father at birth, and it just gets more ridiculous from there – robots and a sadistic doctor get involved. Apparently this is only an excerpt from a longer story, but I’ll be just fine without the rest of it, thanks. The second story had more potential. People casually discuss whether a man was right in hitting another one, as his dead victim lies in front of them. However, the story goes nowhere and the end is disappointing. (Frandroid Atreides)

litzine, issue 1, 48 pages, Stephen Moron, $5, 2594 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC, V5K 1S8, [email protected]


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