The Nerve

“A mag for freedom’s sake!” That sets the BC-style tone of this newsprint publication. This is not Nerve, the glossy magazine about sex, even though this is the Dirty issue, aka the Sex and Politics issue. We could very well have done without the Stockwell Day analysis article (dude, who doesn’t know he’s dumb?), but the articles of the Rhino Party and on Bobus the Clown (where we are shown what a paranoid person he is, so different from how the mainstream media portrayed him) are pretty funny. Then there is some erotic fiction. Porn, record and shows reviews are thrown into the mix. The main feature is about All You Can Eat, a burlesque troupe that sounds (and looks) pretty cool and sexy. The last feature, about how the Internet (and BBSs before that) is a huge porn index for geeks was kind of boring, if rather head on. You might want to pick this up in the Vancouver and Victoria areas (where it is free), in between issues of the superior Terminal City. (Frandroid Atreides)

magazine, volume 2, number 3, Bradley C. Damsgaard (Editor), 2.50$, Box 88042, Chinatown PO, Vancouver, BC, V64 4A4

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