sway magazine

This site is a copious compendium of interviews with women in the music biz. Front and centre at the time of this review are chats with KaTe-wannabe Jewel, Universal Music Canada’s international marketing manager Catonia Whalen, Francophone singer/cellist Jorane and (in the Token Boy Section) the mandatory Hip. Tallying-up the interviews in the back issues nets 25 other movers and shakers. Some of them are massive celebs like Shania Twain and Britney Spears, some of them are industry suits like bookers and label managers. Some are on the way up (Kittie), while some fell off the edge years ago (Alannah Myles). The interviews are relatively short but professional, this being the side-gig of a real-life working music journalist, and the stuff from the behind-the-scenes people you’re not likely to find anywhere else. For more, check out her weekly radio show at 2kool4radio.com. (DW)


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