Zine Review: Slo-Skate #10

Dani, Julieta, Tiffany, Andy, Zach B., Patrick, Panda, Josh, Hannah, Kyle, Cassidy, Jacob, Mike, Skittlez Gunn, Meagan, Harper, Jay, Peter, Felicia, Kieran, Javier, Zach M., Marco, Dray, Claudine and Nicole, [email protected], oasisskateboardfactory.blogspot.ca, $2

What happens when you take a group of alternative high school students and have them collaborate on a zine? Slo-Skate is a product of the alternative program of the Oasis Skateboard Factory, which, among other projects, connects students to the wider community by teaching them how to design and produce skateboards.

The Oasis kids gush about topics most dear to their heart: skateboards, advertis­ing, rave culture, graffiti, Japanese fash­ion, and drugs. Sometimes it’s fresh to hear youthful passion put into its own words. The blue splatter paint on the cover was a nice touch. I even learned something about the history of skate­board wheels and the nickname of the artist who draws the “Instagram this!” birds on Toronto city walls.

However, there are some kinks to be worked out. For example, the piece on skateboards versus longboards does not actually do a good job of defining either. Another article drops off abruptly and then continues dozens of pages later due to a pagination error. Get it together, people! While Slo-Skate #10 is scrappy around the edges there is some pretty decent talent here as well. Three cheers. (Chris Landry)