Zine Reviews: The Root

ZINES_The-RootMinicomic, Stacey Bru, staceybrucomics.tumblr.com, sold out

Leave it to root vegetables to unearth an­swers to life’s deep questions. Why was I born? Why am I living? Well, okay, maybe one won’t find answers to these questions here, but at least the existentially troubled little root being in The Root can empathize.

Stacey Bru’s compellingly drawn black-and-white mini comic tells the quick but harrowing tale of one little (radish? tur­nip?) root come-to-life. Happily growing down, down into the soil, everything changes when the greens are harvested and little Rooty groggily transitions to life on the surface. Rooty’s bereavement at the loss of a cozy dirt-womb spins into a murderous rampage, stomping greens left and right, until a brave little fly en­gages in a heart-to-heart with The Root.

Thoughtfully executed with a touch­ing ending, Stacey’s work is as adorable as the story is sad. It’s a quick but lovely glimpse at the mystery and unfairness of life. (Joshua Barton)