A Softer World

The comics in this collection are printed on rectangular cards, which you can flip through like photographs. The grainy photocopied images with captions typed overtop gave me the feeling that I was peering into the little pieces of a dream which are left over in one’s memory after waking up. Giant babies, lonely mannequins, the feeling of being watched in the city by halogen eyes. Some are thought provoking, some are humorous, and others are chilling. I like that you can pass them around. Or lay them all out on your desk and sort them however you want. You could even give one to a friend. Each comic also includes a free sticker. (Dale Duncan)

comic, 11 cards, $3, j comeau and e horne, Untoward Comics, 4 Knob Hill Cres., Halifax NS, B3N 1R5, [email protected]