Twist is a cool zine out of Ames, Iowa. The second issue deals with a subject which each author seem to show an intimate knowledge of: lies. I really enjoyed the poem “healing professions” by Gene Dios M.D. (is this a lie, too?) which includes all the stereotypical lines that a physician in any situation would deliver. Phrases like “just slide down, you’ll only feel a bit of pressure,” or “I’m sure your insurance will cover that,” and one of my personal favourites, “sometimes these tubes end up in the wrong place.” Sounds like the world of Western medicine, doesn’t it? I appreciated the anonymously written “24/42” reminding all those lying boys out there to “open wide baby” while the lines are fed to their “high-minded platitudes.” Twist’s second issue is a good one and all the contributors fabricated (?) some great work. (Lara Rock)

litzine, #2, 28 pages, $3, PO Box 441, Ames IA, 50010, [email protected]