Food Geek

I don’t like food. I don’t like chewing, I don’t like cooking, I don’t like watching cooking shows (except maybe for the Iron Chef and that Jamie Oliver guy who I could eat up). So, I kinda came at this zine with a bias. But you know, it surprised me. A lot. I didn’t try the recipes or anything (though they sound edible), but I did very much get into the stories, particularly the travel/eating stories. And what is best about this nice little package (presentation is everything, right?) is that the eating/food is often secondary. Two great pieces are about eating when you have no money, dumpster-diving and food-banking. There is also a funny little comic about eating while on a cross USA backpacking journey that mentions Montreal’s cheap pizza and Toronto’s numerous veggie dog carts. And the writing is very strong throughout, making Food Geek a very tasty morsel of reading. (Jon Pressick)

food zine, #5, $1 + postage, Carrie McNinch, PO BOX 49403, Los Angeles CA, 90049, [email protected]