Deliberate distortion of the sense of a word. Think of Broken Pencil with slightly poorer paper quality. Then think of MaximummRocknRoll. Now stop thinking and start reading the Rollins interview. Yes, Henry Rollins. He is scary to look at in the bookstore when you walk by the music shelves teeming with George Harrison books, and Rollins is there all bleeding on the cover of one of his books; but he’s got a lot of interesting things to talk about like writing and his publishing company whose name I won’t endorse here. From what I can tell there is only one story in the magazine, so I don’t know why the word literature seem to be so prominent. I really enjoyed the content and style, there’s a feature piece on Lee Ranaldo by Douglas Novielli which is quite thorough. Novielli knew a lot of the beats. He went to Burrough’s house in Kansas two times. This makes it hip I guess, and it’s kinda cool. Ranaldo wrote the obituary for Ginsberg in the Village Voice. There’s a whole lot of record label advertising in here as well, and a couple of pages of poetry. Fine print record reviews and an interview with a band called “Angels in the Architecture.” There’s a real whatever we like feel to Verbicide, and it feels pretty good. (Nathaniel G. Moore)

zine, #6, $3.50us/$4.95cdn, Jackson Ellis, Scissor Press, PO BOX 206512, New Haven CT, 06520