Out of the Blue

Sometimes it’s really hard to admit you have a problem with something. It’s not exactly like attending a first AA meeting, but that’s the route I’ll have to take: admitting it is the first step. OK, I’m divided on this one. I like it because it’s of substantial length and all the contributors try really hard to make it interesting. It’s clearly a great old-school DYI zine, with lots of visuals, talk about comics, jokes and stories. A truly memorably part was the section “Great Moments in Rock ‘N’ Roll.” But, all that aside, I was disappointed on the whole because most of the writing was so incredibly weak. The writer of the opening article almost puts more in brackets than outside of them, making it really hard to follow. The longish poem “Cold December Mist” is OK, but the rhyming made me laugh and the guy in the story is so depressed he contemplates flinging himself off a bridge. I did, however, enjoy the final story about a trip to Florida, but don’t understand why the writer (or editor but I don’t think there is one) feels his readers aren’t worthy of a quick spelling and grammar check. Do you see my dilemma? I really wanted to like OOTB, because it’s done in great spirit and has some cool moments. But the bad parts were too hard to ignore. (Heather Ball)

zine, #11, 36 pages, $2, Larned Justin, PO BOX 471, House Springs MO, 63051, [email protected]