Listen to This

I received volume one through three of Paula Mayberry’s stories in a package, and after reading all twelve I was pleasantly surprised to find completely unrelated, creative and intriguing tales. What pulled me in was that each narrative is written in first person, so as the diverse stories and situations unravelled, I found myself in the head space of a different character thrown in the middle of a situation that required resolve or attention. The sagas ranged from a late-night phone call, to a few crushes, to a couple’s decision to move in together, to another couple’s decision to break up; each more diverse than the next. The writing is simple but completely straightforward, descriptive and candid. I completely enjoyed every first-person account, turning the pages eagerly to read on and devour every word. (Lara Rock)

short stories, #1-3, 28 pages, $2, Paula Mayberry, Overground, PO BOX 1661, Pensacola FL, 32591, [email protected]