Inner City Pagan

Lee Kennedy’s not afraid to point out those things that a lot of us stuff back into our unconscious out of pure bashfulness, like the way her cat shows off it’s anus to her when he climbs onto her stomach, and the various people she’s performed sex acts with in her dreams. This delightful collection of comics detail the everyday thoughts and happenings in the life of the author who happens to be an overweight, almost 50-year-old woman living in England. We’re privy to her love for things Italian, the history of her gradual discovery of different kinds of cheeses, and her fondness for the hot, smooth pebbles of Brighton Beach (she’s even been know to lick them). One of my favourites was “on the way to the dayjob” which details some of the different people, thoughts, and experiences she’s had while bussing it to work. There’s the “sadly malformed man” who “always looks genuinely happy and interested in everything,” and the woman with attitude who dresses in thigh boots and wears hair accessories that look like varnished wood shavings. The second half of the zine is filled with random doodles – the kinds of things she found herself drawing while bored at her job, or on the bus. These are also amusing, but I’d much rather to see more of the comics themselves. It’s too bad that this might be the last issue of Kennedy’s self published zines because reading her comics made me smile. (Dale Duncan)

comic/perzine, #5, 41 pages, $7US, Lee Kennedy, 58 Durrington Tower, Wandsworth Rd., London UK, SW8 3LF, [email protected]