Viva Sparky!

This tiny zine from Wales consists of about ten album reviews and a small news section of upcoming gigs in the area (Wales). All I can say about this zine is that if you’re interested in the Welsh music scene, then check it out, if not, just stay away. The album reviews are decent enough, but there really isn’t anything but the reviews. The lack of any articles or gig reviews (which they’re requesting from readers) seriously hurt this zine for me. It took me about ten minutes to read and I didn’t feel like I got a whole lot out of it. The concept is as good as any music zine, but Sparky just seems to be incomplete. The other stumbling block I ran into, which might deter some, is that some of the reviews were written in what I’m guessing is Welsh. In any case, I couldn’t understand, and this zine remains a good start but seems kind of unfulfilling. (James King)

Music zine, #4, 10 pages, free, Penfold, Catchpenny Records, Blwch Post/PO Box 88, Yr Wyddgrug/Mold, Ch7 4Zq, CYMRU/Wales, [email protected]