I must admit, when I looked at this latest edition of Nightwaves, I was a bit confused to see it billed as a “Special Tribute to Depeche Mode Issue”; because when you open it up, the first article you will see is an interview with forgotten 80’s musician Greg Kihn. That was weird. But sure enough, as you get into it, there is some Depeche Mode stuff. Some, but for a dedicated issue, I’d be a tad bit disappointed if I were a DM fan and found that pretty much the only things in this issue that are DM related are memories, reminiscences and a few facts here and there. But more disappointing is that there actually is some pretty interesting stuff in Nightwaves. Interviews with musicians and djs (Greg Kihn notwithstanding) such as Fr/action, Das Radio, Andrew Duke, Mood Organ, as well as a good piece on Electric CafĂ©, a radio show dedicated to 80s music on CFMH. Basically, you’ve got a zine here that seems like an essential guide to east coast culture, disguised as a non-existent Depeche Mode tribute. Gary Flanagan, a musician in his own right, is the brains behind this unfortunate farce, hopefully next time he’ll just stick to a simple plan: the good stuff. (Jon Pressick)

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