Counterpoise has a specific intent – to encourage libraries to purchase books and subscribe to periodicals that are produced by alternative publishers or deal with topics that seem to be overlooked by those responsible for library collections. Earl Lee’s “Almost Banned Books 2001” looks at a sampling of the material reviewed in Counterpoise and indicates the number of libraries that have the publications on their shelves, a statistical expression of the editorial focus. Many of the reviews are reprinted from elsewhere, from Anarchy and Fourth World Review for example, which provide glimpses both into the source periodicals and the work being reviewed. Most of the reviews, however, are original and comes from writers across U.S and Canada who write with some expertise on the material they are examining. This is a periodical in transition, and the recent establishment of an editorial collective will likely result in changes to the overall tone of the periodical as it becomes less of a single editor project. (BB)

magazine, Vol. 6, #1/2, 99 pages, Charles Willet, 2-4/yr @ $45/yr, 1716 SW Williston Road, Gainesville FL, USA 32608-4049, [email protected],

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