Notebook Comix

Another perfectly imperfect issue of my favourite hand-written, personalized little Vancouver zine, Notebook Comix, by Kyla Sweet, original queen of the crafty inserts. I wait with bated breath for her inserts, I’m serious, getting NC is really like getting two zines, because Kyla’s incredible little inserts are zines themselves. You have to see it for yourself to understand. This issue features a little t-shirt on a wire hanger, with about 12 pages of details concerning when printed t-shirts first started and why, how they developed, etc. Kyla got a job as a call centre phone operator, so the theme of this issue is “How To Be Effective on the Telephone”, but really, just the same glorious stories and cartoons about the life of an articulate, perceptive girl living the indie life. We share her best successes and her worst disappointments. Nothing’s too trivial to be divulged in the pages of her zine, including her daily beauty maintenance schedule (she’s on the “low-end of the maintenance scale”). Kyla’s great, she records her day to day life with the desperate vow: “My student loan and I are not going to vanish in a smudge of ash.” (Emily Pohl-Weary)

zine, #3, $2, Kyla Sweet, PO Box 19146, Vancouver, BC, V6K 4R8, [email protected]

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