The Mike Harris Voodoo Doll (complete with pins)

Mike Harris, Progressive Conservative Premier of Ontario, might  well be the most loathed political figure in Canada. He’s made a  name for himself by gutting social programs, closing hospitals,  throwing women out of shelters and hijacking democracy with  his amalgamation of diverse cities and suburbs into cookie-cutter  megacities. All this so he can cut taxes for the upper class of the  province. But why get angry when you can get even! The Mike  Harris Voodoo Doll will help you vent your frustrations, and, if  done with the proper incantations, will let Mike feel some of the  pain he’s inflicting on Ontario. If you don’t live in the province,  pretend he is yet another petty politician from your neck of the  woods, who’s trampling people’s rights and hopes in the name  of the free market. This is a real product! This is not a joke!

Get  your own Mike from Youre Not the Boss of Me Productions, 25  Third St., Ward’s Island, Toronto, ON M5J 2B3 for $15 including  postage.  (Product of the issue is a regular feature! Send your products to  Broken Pencil and we will review them for social correctosity and  appropriate Zeitgeist or ama.)

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