A Wandering Eye

We’ve raved about this one before and it continues to inspire awe. Sonja simply stops you dead in your tracks. With collage, clip art and text, Eye catches fear, pain and irony in nuance and crackle, with the power of a chain saw, things like Wifebeater Part I: “He was a wifebeater don’t you know? You can see for yourself – it’s in her nose. Aquiline with a prominent hump – that’s what. A bulb. The reason why is ‘cause she would not have sex with him one night. He was drunk & she awoke to a punch in the face. Maybe maybe & just maybe that’s how I came to be. No, impossible – I was asleep in the other room.” Graceful, staggering poetic cyclones, I save every issue I get. (HC)

zine, 72 pages / main creator: Sonja Ahlers / $3 / PO Box 8192, Victoria, BC, V8W 3R8

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