The Very Silly Webloid

VINCENT VAN GOGH NEVER CUT OFF HIS EAR HE WAS FORCED TO PRETEND HE HAD “Some people can’t paint hands or horses, I can’t paint ears.” NAGANO: THE SPORT THEY DIDN’T WANT YOU TO SEE “Cat sled racing – After day two of this grueling 30 meter race, Team Canada, the favorites, have a lead of over 300 centimeters.” BILL GATES FEARS CANADIAN COMPANIES EH! “Huge Canadian companies emerge ready to kick some global butt.” ROSWELL ALIENS USED IN TOBACCO INDUSTRY TESTS “There is no concrete evidence that tobacco is addictive or harmful to space alien metabolisms.” The Very Silly Webloid! GREAT BIG HEADLINES! Really dumb stories! Every two weeks! Proving that even AOL Canada can be made to serve a useful purpose! (DW)

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