These Are Rotten Apples

Although the sorta pinched handwriting gets to your eyes after a while, there’s nothing so taxing that you get pissed off with this personal/music zine. Short zaps from a bunch of different bands in the form of “6 question with …” reveals important things like favourite cheeses and card games, strangest cover song played etc… Interviewees include treble charger, 54-40 and the Superfriendz to name a few. Some funny bits and the continued “Bad” stuff samplings, rounded out with more Rheostatics info than I’ve felt the need for and some brief music reviews, make this not so much a rotten apple as just a lightly bruised specimen. (HC)

zine / #1 & 2, 12 pages / main creator: Mike Whaley / $? / 625 Rosedale Ave, Windsor, ON, N9C 2N7

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