In Abbotsford B.C. lives darren james harkness, a lower-case kind of guy who puts out an electronic lit-zine called solas, meaning enjoyment. How he makes contact with his contributors I have no idea, but the current issue contains short fiction and poetry submissions from people all over Canada and the U.S., plus one from the U.K. It won’t take you long to get through the entire issue, which consists of four very short stories and four poems, but eight quality items such as these are much to be preferred to eighty items of drek. The work of previous contributors is also available, but it doesn’t seem to be too extensive. No particular theme to the stuff, but its all personal; character sketches and captured moments of time. The high point of this brief trip is probably the story “Our Boy, 1996” by Victor Saunders, a semi-comprehensible day in the life of a ghetto roach. (DW)

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