JAKE is run by a bunch of poli-sci students at the University of Alberta. This should give you your first clue as to the content. We’re talking Big Social Issues here. NAFTA, Third World oppression, improving Edmonton’s city council (okay, maybe they’re not all Big Issues), various examinations of the importance of the Internet (such as the revelation that the Net can provide information on Shakespeare as well as erotic pictures of black male feet, for example). There’s also a slightly incongruous collection of poetry and lots of links to fine art sites. If you’re itching to study up on the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Canadian politics at the same time, you could do worse than to start here. The site is nicely laid out, attractive to look at and easy to use. As for the material, the quality and tone are pretty typical of university writing: reasonably intelligent, but with a carefully crafted casual-ness about it. Oh, and one final thing. The name doesn’t mean anything in particular. (DW)


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