The Sandwich Mill Anthology: Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Readings

Every second sunday night, the Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Readings are held at the Windor pub the Sandwich Mill. I’ve never been myself, but if this anthology is any indication, a lot of the folks that keep the Windsor literary scene alive and vibrant have appeared within the pubs cozy confines. The result is this anthology, a Windsor primer, and a good read based on its own merits. This is mostly traditional narrative poetry with fiction, but there’s some good moments in it, traditional poetic moments that evoke a nostalgic, despairing human place where things happen with as much as inevitability as one sunday following the next. (HN)

lit journal / main creators: Laurie Smith and Lenore Langs / $10 / Cranberry Tree Press, 5060 Tecumseh Road East, Suite 173, Windsor, ON, M8T 1C1

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