Each issue of Nebula consists of one work and one work only, selected for presentation by the editor, Ken Strange, because he likes it. In the case of the current issue, one is more than enough. The most recent offering is a paper by a guy named W.A. Borody entitled “Figuring the phallogocentric argument with respect to the classical Greek philosophical tradition”. This is basically a 25 page slap at Jacques Derrida’s ideas regarding Plato and friends. It is long. It is dry. It is written entirely in philosophical jargon, some of which is in French and some of which is in Greek. It is also in Adobe PDF format, in order to preserve the foreign-language characters and the weird layout of the text on some of the pages. If you’re going to go walking in these woods, you’d better bring your BA. Fortunately, a perusal through the back issues reveals that the going isn’t always this heavy. The other works include poetry, computer art, novel excerpts and a really cool multimedia tribute to Miles Davis. All in all, its an impressive site.

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