UnTitanic Tales

Straight off you can tell these aren’t your normal comic strips. Nor is it your run-of-the-mill comic artist doing them; Marc is one of these artists who can draw in any style, and loves to pervert them all too. The first strip here starts on the cover and continues on the inside cover – first time I’ve ever seen that. Fucking twisted strip, too, depicting a one-legged, one-eyed boy dreaming of a flaming wooden leg, and – well – you’ll just have to find out. A stable of Peanuts like characters (but only by dint of their rough proportions) staff the next bunch of very, very twisted tales, culminating in an absurd doozy of a story that I can’t help but think is layered with metaphorical meaning. Then again, maybe it’s just these drugs I’m on. (LR)

comics / main creator: Marc Ngui / $1 plus post. / Bumble Nut Press, 9570 Kerby Rd. Windsor ON, N8R 1K2

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