Folio: Illuminations by Christina Hajjar and Noelle Sagher

In each issue, Broken Pencil asks an artist to curate Folio — a section highlighting creators working in unexpected media and materials. This edition is hosted by Christina Hajjar and Noelle Sagher.

Christina Hajjar and Noelle Sagher’s moodboards explore the overlaps of their interrelated cultures. Working as diasporic Arab millennial artists based in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Treaty 1 Territory and Homeland of the Métis Nation), they arrange adornments, cultural paraphernalia, and storied foods to create a third space of identity and belonging. This aesthetic ritual of home-making and self-portraiture pays tribute to the collaboration between cultures and artists, as their palette of golds, sweets, citrus and floral interanimates one another and the hand that guided them there.

Christina Hajjar is a first-generation Lebanese- Canadian pisces dyke ghanouj with a big appetite! Her work focuses on diaspora, femme identity, and food culture. Catch her art, writing, and organizing at or @garbagebagprincess.
Noelle Sagher is a Libyan- Canadian photographer and organizer who focuses on telling stories of identity and home through portrait work. To see her art and organizing of a BIPoC pop-up bar, visit her Instagram @nawal.binti or at