Art Holes: Under the desk

Under the desk

by Zay Cardona



I bought a rug so that my work area would be more comfortable. Living and working in the same space can be stressful at times. Sometimes, I actually like being under my desk more than being in front of it. Everything is so strange and fun down there! I play with letting myself get absorbed by the carpet, fusing into its material for good. When I turn off the light and turn on my music, beings invite me to become one with them. I want to draw them, but I prefer to escape my responsibilities. I want to forget my name, my gender, my species, to be an inanimate object and feel nothing. Tomorrow, I ought to respond to those emails.



Zay Cardona is a Colombian illustrator who lives in Santa Fe, Antioquia. In 2016, they created Mariquismo Juvenil, in which they recount their daily life as a queer person and illuminate themes about gender identity. They are also the co-creator of ZigZay, a character and product design collective. Recently, they created Club de Diboojo, a drawing club with local friends. Cardona works as a freelance illustrator. Follow them on Instagram @mariquismojuvenil