The Lost Culture of UFO Zines


Never has a hotdog been so elevated as in ‘The Hotdog Variations’ chapbook

Male alienation and longing in ‘Blue

‘Bar Delicious’ is a masterful zine series where hybrid style meets hypnotic critique

‘Noodle Soup’ is something you’ll want more of

Sleeping With Humanity

‘The New Yerby: Spring 2020’ is charming, introspective, and tender

The flyers of ‘Missives’ zine are innately ephemeral, but endure

Sanrio meets Lisa Frank in ‘Grocery Story’

Folio: In petri concinnitas res crescunt

Rusted Bones by A. E. Chandler

Zine Philosophy: Migrant Zine Collective

‘Deadname’ is a clever and quirky transition comic

‘Bear #1’ is a one-woman comic done in a spectacular fashion

My Old Apartment: Keeping Landlords Honest in PEI

A blog post meets a diary in ‘ROHO #2’

‘Depression Ain’t the Sads’ validates that depression is a debilitating condition

‘ROHO #1’ is a quirky zine on The Simpsons’ hillbilly “Cletus”

Folding the Cross-Flexagon

‘OCD Ain’t a Word’ validates that OCD is not an ill-informed joke!

Learning, making mistakes, and evolution in ‘Maggie #2’


Two angry women discuss the importance of queer and BIPOC voices in ‘Kill the Gatekeeper’

‘The East Village Inky #63’ is one of the longest running perzines!


Cat City “Summer”

Art Holes: Under the desk


Freewheeling: Bike Zine Reading List

The Most Unwanted Zine

‘Zine Trike’ coming to Portland

Issue #92

In This Issue: