Death Ship

This is one great-looking, cranky, exciting zine. It’s huge, and beautifully printed (on a printing press – the editor is very emphatically against the use of computers for ANYthing) with swashbuckling woodcut illustrations of pirates throughout. And it’s all about freedom of the press and independent publishing: What constitutes independence in a publication? Are ISBN numbers a shameless power-grabbing attempt by the government to restrict the free dissemination of publications? What are the easiest ways to save money on postage? Why are computers evil? There’s even a big, juicy dis of this here publication (check out our ISBN–) – aaah, debate! I don’t personally agree with every conclusion the editor reaches. I like computers, and I don’t think the Black Bloc is ruining everything for the rest of us. Still, it’s delightful to come across somebody who’s so passionately opinionated, and so committed to her beliefs. I have to admit that her principles work extremely well aesthetically, and I would relish the opportunity to sit down with her and have a good argument about the rest of it. (WB)

fanzine, 42 pages, Violet Jones, free or by donations (no cheques), PO Box 55336, Hayward CA, USA 94545

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