The Circle Magazine

I love learning new words, and so was delighted when I picked up The Circle and immediately came across “stereopubic” and “sexsonic,” all on the same page. As I kept reading, my smile turned to good-hearted chuckles. From book reviews that encourage the practice of bitch-slapping monotonous scientists, to tales of (hopefully fictitious) compulsive dialling, The Circle delivers quality literary entertainment and biting social commentary without being annoyingly in-your-face. This issue spotlights the hauntingly beautiful block prints of artist Marvin Hill, and features well-written prose, clever poetry, and the occasional soliloquy. An interesting article on Brutum Fulmen is an open admiration of the unusual found sounds they have turned into mind-blowing musical chaos. The Circle is a slick little zine and a definite must-have for those who like to read for the pure joy of reading. (AL)

litzine, Vol. 7, #1, 48 pages, Penny Talbert, $4, 173 Grandview Road, Wernersville PA, USA 19565

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