The Thought

The Thought started out somewhere in the realm of objectivist thought but has evolved into an inclusive periodical where anarchists, libertarians, pacifists, and poets seek to find common ground – or at least some place where their ideas will be treated seriously. This issue is less strong than some recent issues of this long-lasting publication. Many of the pieces seemed to be in draft form, seeking input for a final version, rather than being completely worked out in advance. A strong point in this zine is the letters column. I do anticipate that the next issue will be the site of a number of debates based not on the ideas expressed, but on the way they were put forward. There is a good page of mini reviews of small press periodicals. (BB)

zine, Vol.21, #1, 22 pages, Ronald C. Tobin, 6/yr @ $11/yr, PO Box 10760, Glendale AR, USA 85318-0760, [email protected],

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