Semi Bold

This issue of Semi Bold is a sort of memorial for September 11. Kathy’s best friend Patricia, who lives in New York and had first hand experience with the tragedies that occurred, writes the first half. The story Patricia tells of the day the planes hit and the following few days are compelling in the way a car crash is on the highway. I felt a bit guilty reading it, as though I was somehow taking away from the seriousness of it, and because, like watching a crash on the highway, there is something grotesque and voyeuristic about witnessing something terrible happen to other people. Patricia talks about watching the buildings collapse from the rooftop of her office building nearby and includes some photos her boss took, which are from a different perspective than most we’ve seen in the news. She also talks about the memorials people in the city were having for their lost friends and family members, which I thought was a nice way to end the story. After Patricia’s story, Kathy added a piece about different trips she’s taken to New York over the years. This part was a bit confusing because it sort of skipped from vacation, to a time when she was living there, back to vacation. Here she includes various adventures she’s had in New York which are sort of interesting, but mostly revolve around the regular tourist spots she visits. (GB)

zine, #8, 38 pages, Kathy Moseley, $2, 1573 N. Milwaukee Avenue, #403 Chicago IL, USA 60622, [email protected]

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