I don’t like Semination because it makes me feel stupid. Okay, that doesn’t really count as a review, but this magazine does make me feel like a dolt. Not because I am unaware of the facts and arguments presented in the magazine, but because I honestly couldn’t figure out what was supposed to be humour and what was supposed to be legitimate political commentary. I did a lot of those kinda laughs, you know, when you go “Heh, hehheh, um, heh.” So, either I am a dolt, or the humour is beyond my skills, or maybe there weren’t supposed to be any humorous pieces; maybe there were just occasional witty remarks that threw me off the scent. Semination bills itself as “the world’s most authoritative anarchist magazine.” And sure there is some radical content, but really it seems a little too neat and clean to be anarchistic. There is an argument against what I just wrote, but I can’t tell if I should apply that critique or not because I couldn’t figure out if I should. Semination looks good, has some good content (though most pieces are too long to be effective), and would be well served by a variety of like-minded contributors. Might be worth checking out after a couple of more issues. (JP)

magazine, #1, Eric Nord, $3, 5723 N Omaha, Portland OR, USA 97217, [email protected],

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