Pick Your Poison

By picking random words out of the dictionary, Nate has created a funny and entertaining zine. Reading his stories is like hanging out with your pals, passing the hours talking shit. Most stories start out with Nate getting drunk and or high, followed by adventures. If you’ve never built your own bong, shoplifted, or gone to work so hungover you’re probably still drunk, this zine may not be of much interest to you. If you nodded along with the aforementioned list, then this is the zine for you. Not all of Nate’s stories revolve around inane drunken activities. Take the story “Birth” for example, which is barely a page long but made me stop. He talks about a girl he knew who “had a moral objection to abortion handed down from her parents so instead she did massive amounts of speed in an attempt to ‘naturally’ kill the baby.” The tone of this story is the exception in this zine, but adds something that makes it easy to relate to; because everyone who’s gone to high school has a lot of stories about getting fucked up and one or two stories that are just fucked up. (GB)

zine, #3, 63 pages, Nate Gangelhoff, $2, PO Box 8995, Minneapolis MN, USA 55408, [email protected]

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