Reviewers like to make comparisons of what we read because it helps to clarify what we mean when we can point to other examples. In terms of ads and reviewing punk/hardcore releases, Impact falls between Caustic Truths and Maximumrocknroll. In terms of political columns and analysis, it sits between Maximumrocknroll and Z Magazine. While I don’t agree with everything in here (I’m on the opposite side to Morris Sullivan on porn, for example, and don’t see the battle as one primarily of free speech), the work that does appear is well crafted, coherent, and challenging. Suggestions for follow-up actions or where to find more info that end many of the pieces are valuable resources. My favourite piece in this issue was Thom Hartmann’s “Now Corporations Claim the ‘Right to Lie’.” (BB)

magazine, # 43, Craig Mazer,6/yr @ $10/yr, PMB 361, 10151 University Blvd., Orlando FL, USA 32817, [email protected],

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