The Frozen Cow Review

These are strange little photocopied zines that mostly deal with David’s stay in Iqualuit, Nunavut. He works there as a high school English teacher. He’s a vegetarian. He has a Mohawk. That’s all we really find out about the guy. David remains quite private even though the zine is supposed to be about him. There’s nothing too mind blowing in here apart for the occasional, mildly interesting artwork. To be fair, there is a considerable amount of improvement made from the first to the sixth issue. Maybe it has a chance to evolve in to something great. I’d keep an eye out for it just in case. (Audrey Gagnon)

perzine, #1 – 6, 14 pages each, David Fraser, $3 (age statement required), PO Box 586, Annapolis Royal NS, B0S 1A0

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