This zine has a full colour cover with artwork by Douville and an ad for Santropol, a café where I once ate a thick sandwich with like sixteen kinds of cheese in it. There are some really long poems in here, and that is so good because I think poems should be longer. There are poems about fairies in here. This is a good idea – not just the fairies, the whole thing, though perhaps next time around a bit of the old chapbook and staples au lieu de what looks like a ribbon. Ribbons are pretty but– Info on back issues and submissions is also within these pages. Marc Berger’s “A L’Ocean” is my favourite piece in this issue. Buy now and get some Haikus as well if that is your cup of tea: “Sur un fil tendu / le nom de personne sous / le vent vacille” par Vanessa Bannino. Also, the fairy sketches are really cute – as they should be. (NGM)

poetry zine, #4, 24 pages, Christine Douvelle, $5 or trade, Les Editions du Pouet!, 6595 St. Hubert, CP 59019, Montreal, QC, H2S 3PS, [email protected]

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