YYZine Distro: Toronto’s Online Zine Fair

yyzinedistroWith zine and small press fairs happening almost every weekend, Toronto is flush with zines, chapbooks and DIY publishing. But with no centralized place to buy zines, and few local distros with large catalogs, E.A. Douglas and Nikita Dawe saw an opportunity. On January 30th 2016, the pair launched YYZine Distro, a platform for all Toronto zinesters to distribute through what they’re calling “an online zine fair.”

“I’ve been waiting for someone else to do this for years,” explains Douglas, who also runs the popular open mic series The Sophisticated Boom Boom. “I don’t think anyone else is doing this on the scale we’re looking at.” Despite the big dreams, there’s still some personal touch — purchasers in Toronto can arrange to meet up and save on shipping. “We want to carry every kind of zine,” says Douglas, who offers commission to anyone selling with them. Zinesters nterested in distributing with YYZine can email [email protected]