Zine Review: One Chance

ZINES_OneChanceOne Chance
Comic, Josué Menjivar, freshbrewedillustration.com, $2

One Chance follows two characters, a couple named named Ruben and Sandra. Ruben works a dead end fast food job at a place called Pollo Gordo, and while on break sitting out back, Sandra drives up to tell him that she has finally reached her breaking point and is leaving town. She begs Ruben to come with her. Menjivar’s short comic definitely implicates a lot of backstory that works better unsaid (such as what happened to push Sandra to her limit), but it does make for a very quick, speedy little story, covering only one scene between two people. With drawings as crisp and clean as these and an interesting introduction to a narrative that has room to move forward, this book naturally lends itself to a longer series. (Richelle Charkot)