Instead of another celebrity chef cookbook, try ‘Reciwee’


Illustration zine, Andy Boynton, 8 pgs, Reciwee Press,, @reciweepress, $4

Get excited foodies! As a huge food lover, I was excited to open this zine just as a result of looking at the title and cover. Reciwee by Andy Boynton is exactly what I expected: a nifty little recipe book in a neat eight pages.

In the brief introduction, you’ll quickly learn what the heck a “reciwee” is. Boynton describes it as “hyper-short recipes” that aim to “help demystify food and stands in contrast to the glorified, celebrity-chef-driven tomes that dominate cookbook shelves at most bookstores.”

The third-person narrative printed in black and white takes the reader through quick and common recipes like oatmeal, hot cocoa, and French onion dip, and even whole wheat bread and vanilla ice cream! What’s most impressive is that not one recipe requires more than five ingredients considering most celebrity chef cookbooks require everything but the kitchen sink.

I’ll admit this zine probably won’t be stored in my kitchen for day-to-day use, but is certainly something to snap quick pictures of for future reference. It definitely brings together my love for reading and eating in one!