Folio: Destroy the Myth by Demian DinéYazhi’ & RISE

Folio is a section bridging the printed page with unexpected media, hosted by a different artist or curator each issue.

In this edition, Demian DinéYazhi’ offers slices from a collaborative Instagram project confronting complacency. Viewed together on the page or separated from social media, the red squares stack together as unique but connected calls for justice.


Destroy the Myth is an ongoing social media-based project initiated by Demian DinéYazhi’ and R.I.S.E.: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment.

The project uses the Instagram stories interface to create urgent digital banners that disrupt the widespread complacency that upholds settler colonial, white supremacist, heteronormative, and cisgender power. Destroy the Myth draws on grassroots traditions, such as screen printing, letterpress, street art, and wheat-pasting, but responds using the technology that’s readily available through a public platform.

It uses these tools to challenge social conditioning and assimilation, taking particular aim at conformity — the rigid institutionalization of art, culture, social/environmental justice, gender, health, history-making, and so many ways we have been told life in this universe should be adopted. Follow their Instagrams: @RISEindigenous + @heterogeneoushomosexual