Charlotte Wu brings us back to a mind frame of curiosity in ’Snack Witchcraft’

Snack Witchcraft

Art zine, Charlotte Wu, 20 pgs, @charlotte_guagua

Snack Witchcraft is somewhat difficult to describe. As Charlotte Wu puts it, “this zine is about snacks.” It is indeed. Wu collects various photos, illustrations, and collages which makes for quite the spread. Many snacks are anthropomorphized — at the very least, given eyes and noses. At different points, Tohato rings offer some advice, a girl goes in for a diagnosis at the Snack Hospital (she gets prescribed a regimen four Cokes and a cheesecake a day), and nine unwrapped caramels offer you a chance to choose your destiny. Snacks have a lot going on, it seems. It’s freewheeling, free-associative fun, and Wu’s drawings are cute and expressive, giving each snack an identity that’s wholly their own as they’re brought to life. Wu calls this “their first infantile zine.” Perhaps going back to a mind frame of curiosity and play, as she has, would benefit us all.