A Splinter In Her Head

White boxes of text buried in black coffin shaped pages.  Scratched photographs of nothing. Floating stick girls.  Ostensibly, this is about depression. Really it is about creativity  and catching the air in between a pair of delicate cupped  hands. Krystyne delights in her own misfortunes. And why  not? Her shrouded gloom allows her to focus so eloquently  and obscurely on the dizzy rotations of her young life. “She  was happy thinking about morbid and crooked thoughts,”  admits Krystyne about her character ~ her internal self  objectified for the purpose of casting alienation in precious  metal. Krystyne’s thoughts are divided into three categories:  Landscape, Hypnotic Stares and Reverie. The landscape is  wonderful. The suburbs never had it so good. Did I mention  the black everywhere? Especially when they are short sideways sentences replete with  loss. “The streets seem wide and  unwelcoming.” “Repeated scenes of  garages and cars in driveways.” “It  smothered her breath almost ot the  point of hyperventilation. She now  welcomed the blas t of anemi c  shivers that will soon make their  way into her slanted reality.” And  the one sentence stories! And the  shifts in tense and perspective! Oh  yes, they are also wonderful ! Oh  why can’t you all just fuck off and leave  me alone?

zine  #2  creator: Krystyne  $1  1037 Willowbank Trial, Mississauga, ON, L4W 3P7  

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