Black Cat 115

If you’re looking for a good excuse to kill yourself, check out  the first dozen or so pages of oh-woe-is-me Black Cat ejaculate  in this issue. And if, by the time you get to page 13, you’re  getting into that feeling that everything in the world is grey  and dirty and smells like shit, you might want to skip  Niedzviecki’s two short- shorts, because they’ll make you feel  good. Ditto for Elyse Friedman’s “What To Do What To Do.”  Fortunately, Friedman’s story is followed up by a poem that  boasts: “This poem was written in less/than one minute at a  boring/poetry/Reading…” And it reads like a poem that was  written in less than one minute. The next happy little ditty  begins: “Face it. You’re fucked.” BC is probably the most  jaded, cynical lit zine you’ll find out there. In some cases the  cynicism is so profound that it manages to transcend the grim.

lit zine  48 pages  Publisher: Black Bile Press  Main Creator* Matthew Firth (editor)  $2.50  1315 Niagara St., #4, Windsor, ON, N9A 3V8  

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