Subject: Satanic Groove Suckers

The cluster-fuck known to jizzmarked  halftits as ‘modern society’ is at once an  everexpanding and postuti I iz i ng  backwards-refraction of an otherwise  lameass porkfisted threocracy as well as  a neofacist fishluncheon of misanthropic  and antipathetic angst-ripened aversions  toward gakknajed abtuchrispies.  Foreshortened by their increasingly gargled aggressive jaunts into sado- masochristic antipathany, the mellowtraumatic politically correctorized dung-punctured liberaties have added to the melting-pock-marked systememory a shimpering shnozzle of absotively pointless trenchmarked attempts at Histograms developed expressingly, but  uncommited to, dragging down what is  left of the naturiluzuzational process of  those few but proud retrievers of cosmic  utterances. That being stated, yet not  resporected by those mentioned, we may  arrive at the earthlicaglly respiroality that  unless some matrarigal for balanced with  a tenderized subversoinite flow of  maculanically organized trend toward the  groove of “is” is constructualized, we may  very well be the last victims of what could  be called fThe Genocyclicigal Undoing  of Trifling Èvoluction”. Please support the  your own posi-wraith feelings of  seemingly pointless (but actu-assumingly  of momentous substantialability)  endeavounstic junkets into the nether  regions of bliss by sending yourself a  check or money order to the sum of 7  dollars and 28 cents. Thank-you for you  time.  lève and kisses,  Arnach j  Metafusillarg  High Priest and Tribunal Corn-Husker of  The Third Realm of Neo-Pagan Celestial  Nut Jugglers  p.s. Don’t forget to wipe.

from Ski Freak Radical

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